Radiant Barrier



HEAT FROM THE SUN IS ABSORBED INTO BUILDINGS, RAISING COOLING COSTS. Attics in particular can heat up to over 140 degrees, forcing your air conditioning system to work much harder to deliver the same level of comfort, resulting in higher utility bills.
RADIANT BARRIERS. Radiant barriers prevent solar heat gain by reflecting radiant heat from your roof. The product is a layer of foil with a thin sheet of highly reflective metal installed in the envelope of a building, made of double-sided 99% pure aluminum. They are easy to install, lightweight and non-toxic. Unaffected by humidity, they will perform at a consistent level no matter what the weather. Radiant barriers are able to reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat to outside thereby cutting an attic's temperature by up to 30 degrees. They are easy to install, lightweight and non-toxic. You can purchase radiant barrier already attached to roof decking if you are replacing your roof, or add it on afterward by stapling the radiant barrier foil to your roof rafter.
RADIANT BARRIER PAINT. Like the radiant barrier insulation systems, radiant barrier paint reflects heat energy instead absorbing it. These paint solutions include highly reflective aluminum metal or ceramic flake additives, and are deigned to be blended with all kinds of paints. In water, oil, or resin-based paints, they can be sprayed, rolled, or brushed onto any surface where paint would normally be applied. They can even control heat when applied to places like roof decking, garage doors, and the inside of exterior walls.  However, the reflective properties of these paints will be less reflective than the radiant barrier foil.
LOWER COOLING COSTS. Radiant barriers provide a substantial reduction in fuel usage and costs, and provide greater comfort in the home. In a warm, sunny region, they can lower a cooling bill by 5 to 10%.

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500 sq. ft. roll costs $99, includes tax.  There are contractor discounts available. Please contact our Office Manager, Jessica Netto at the Alliance office for more information - 504-208-9761. 


DIY! Check out the video here:http://www.all4energy.org/howto/how-put-radiant-barrier